• Bringing Biochar


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Simple, Sustainable, Effective.

A eco-friendly soil amendment and productivity enhancer in modern agriculture... But that's just the beginning.

What it is..

Biochar can be defined simply as char (charcoal) used for agricultural purposes. It can be produced from any type of biomass, including agricultural and forestry waste streams and manure. LEARN MORE


Why it's great..

Biochar can increase crop yeilds, protects against fertilizer runoff and leaching, prevents drought, replenishes soil, and increases nutrient absorbtion. It can remain stable for millenia. It's a simple, sustainable means reduce carbon emmisions. LEARN MORE


How we make it..

Biochar is manufactured by heating the biomass feedstock in an oxygen deprived environment, a process which is called "pyrolysis", leaving a charred material.. among other useful byproducts. LEARN MORE

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The ability of Biochar to help plants absorb whatever nutrients are available in soil is evident in the photos below. Biochar only compared with NPK fertilizer, demonstrating that Biochar may provide a means produce comparable results to conventional agriculture practice in organic farming, or with reduced NPK usage. Take a look!

  • Biochar with NPK fertilizer compared to plain soil.
  • Biochar with NPK fertilizer compared to NPK alone.
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